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Welcome to Vigilance Unit

About DMRC Vigilance

Vigilance Unit, Delhi Metro Rail Corporation is the nodal section for handling all vigilance matters of the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation. The Chief Vigilance Officer, Shri Ghansham Bansal, heads this unit. The CVO is assisted by One full time Deputy Chief Vigilance Officer, Four senior Vigilance Officers, One Assistant Vigilance officers and Six Vigilance Inspectors.

The vigilance unit works in close coordination with the Vigilance Unit of the Ministry of Urban Development and the Central Vigilance Commission. The functions of vigilance in DMRC are to conduct preventive checks, to investigate the complaints from various sources and to investigate in detail the paras raised by CTE in their intensive examinations.

Vigilance Unit also advises system improvement where-ever necessary to improve the administrative functioning of DMRC. Vigilance Unit of DMRC arranges vigilance awareness programme from time to time. These programmes are arranged for the benefit of all concerned. During such programmes, all officers /staffs are invited to create vigilance awareness in the organisation

Integrity Pledge

'Integrity Pledge' on Vigilance Awareness Week 2017

Central Vigilance Commission Vigilance Manual

DMRC Vigilance Manual

Compendium issued by CTEO

Compendium issued by DMRC Vigilance