Tree Preservation & Plantation

DMRC has a policy to plant 10 saplings for every tree that is required to be felled. In order to ensure that the correct type of saplings are planted and maintained, DMRC has engaged the services of Forest Department, Govt. of Delhi. All expenses towards this end are borne by DMRC.

In order to further expand the green cover in the national capital, DMRC has handed over a land area measuring 15 hectares near Shastri Park to the Forest department for plantation activities. In addition, DMRC has also tied up with a nongovernmental organization, called ‘Sustainable Green Initiative (SGI)’ for carrying out plantation drives in different parts of the city. DMRC plans to plant over 25,000 saplings voluntarily in the years to come.  Efforts are also being made to save at least 15 to 20 percent of trees permitted to be felled for construction activities.

Tree Plantation Data for DMRC Construction Phase 1, 2 & 3







Tree plantation by DMRC has potential capacity to sequester approximately 5,500 ton of CO2 and produce 12,400 ton of O2 per year.