Various categories of documents that are being held by the Company or under its control are given below :

  1. Documents pertaining to incorporation
    1. Memorandum & Articles of Association
  2. Documents pertaining to Company Affairs
    1. i.Statutory Registers under the Companies Act, 1956
    2. Statutory Registers under other applicable Acts and Rules & Regulations
    3. Annual Reports
    4. Annual Returns
    5. Returns & Forms filed with the Registrar of Companies, etc.
  3. Documents pertaining to Board Meetings
    1. Agenda Papers of Board Meetings
    2. Minutes and Book of meetings of the Board of Directors, etc.
  4. Documents pertaining to Accounts:
    1. Books of Accounts
    2. Annual Report
    3. Documents pertaining to payment of Income Tax, Tax Deducted at Sources, etc.
    4. Vouchers, etc.
    5. Annual Finance Budget
  5. Documents pertaining to Operations
    1. Documents pertaining to operation of trains, revenue, etc.
    2. Documents pertaining to feeder bus services, etc.
    3. Documents pertaining to signal and train control systems,
    4. Documents pertaining to telecommunication systems,
    5. Documents pertaining Automatic Fare Collection system
  6. Documents pertaining to projects
    1. Detailed Project Report/Feasibility report,
    2. Tender documents,
    3. Documents related to implementation of projects including drawings, completion status, etc.
    4. Documents related to Safety, Health and Environment.
    5. Documents related to land.
  7. Documents pertaining to establishment matter
    1. Documents containing the details of employees
    2. Various internal policies, rules & regulations pertaining establishment matters
    3. Annual Confidential Reports of employees
  8. Documents related to purchase and stores
  9. Documents related to advertisement
  10. Documents pertaining to electrical systems
    1. Documents related to electrical sub-stations and overhead electrification systems, ventilation and air-conditioning systems
    2. Documents related to lifts, escalators, electrical and mechanical equipment, etc.
    3. Documents relating to electricity tariff
  11. Documents pertaining to rolling stock
    1. Documents related to procurement of rolling stock (trains)
    2. Specifications and other technical documents.
  12. Documents pertaining to legal matters
    1. All documents relating to court cases.
  13. Documents pertaining to property development
    1. Tender documents,
    2. Agreements with lessees, concessionaires, etc.