New Delhi, 05.06.2021

In the wake of revised guidelines issued today by the Govt. of NCT of Delhi; on the extension of Curfew in Delhi for the containment of Covid-19, the Delhi Metro serivces will be resumed for general public from 7th June 2021 with 50 % seating capacity only. 

On Monday, only half of the available trains will be inducted into service with a frequency ranging from approx. 5 to 15 min on different Lines.

The number of trains will be inducted in full strength in a graded manners by Wednesday and thereafter, services will be available as per normal frequency which was available before the lockdown.

General public is advised to cooperate with the Metro authorities in ensuring compliance to Covid appropriate behaviour inside Metro premises throughout their travel.

In order to ensure social distancing and compliance to 50% seating inside trains, public is also advised to take extra time for their daily commute and exhibit covid appropriate behaviour outside the stations also while waiting for their turn to enter the station. 

Entry at stations will continue to be regulated through identified gates as was the practice earlier. DMRC is also writting to appropriate authorities for maintenance of law and order outside Metro stations to handle the extra rush as the Metro services resume once again from Monday in the ongoing pandemic scenario.

Anuj Dayal
Executive Director
Corporate Communications


New Delhi, dated: 05.06.2021

It is clarified that from Monday onwards i.e, 07.06.2021, when the Metro services are resumed, only 50% of the seating capacity inside a train will be available for public to perform their travel.  

Passengers will be allowed to travel by seating only on alternate seats with no provision for standing travel till further directions.

In view of this stipulation, the capacity utilisation of the system will be around 10-15% of its total capacity available in normal days.

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