Delhi Metro’s arrangements during odd-even vehicle drive of govt. of delhi from 15th april to 30th april 2016

In view of the odd even drive of Govt.of NCT of Delhi to be observed from 15th April, 2016 to 30th April, 2016, the Delhi Metro will take the following measures to facilitate the traffic demand on its network:

1)    Additional 56 train trips

Train Trips in Phase-I of Odd-Even

(1-15 Jan 2016)

Train Trips in Phase-II of Odd-Even

(15-30 April 2016)




2)    200 trains will be used daily to achieve these trips. Delhi Metro will be pressing into service the maximum number of trains possible operationally during this period keeping only the essential maintenance reserve.

3)    To handle the increased load on ticketing system additional manpower (80 Ticket operators/Day) will be deployed. 

4)     Additional shifts of CISF/Guards/Customer Facilitation Agents (68 CFAs/Day) at major stations to help and guide commuters 

5)    Lines and stations will be monitored by control room and action to be taken to ensure that crowd is not built up at booking points, TVMs and security frisking points.

6)    28 Teams of Officers will be deployed at major stations for monitoring the smooth traffic movement during the drive.

7)    4 additional lines to the Helpline No. 155370 to attend the increased calls.

8)    DMRC will run 15 additional feeder buses.

Feeder Buses in Phase-I of Odd-Even

(1-15 Jan 2016)

Feeder Buses in Phase-II of Odd-Even

(15-30 April 2016)




9)    The routes are also reviewed, 3 new routes are introduced and rationalized to 6-12 km range so as to utilize the feeder buses to the maximum as first/last mile connectivity.

Routes in Phase-I of Odd-Even

(1-15 Jan 2016)

Routes in Phase-II of Odd-Even

(15-30 April 2016)




10)  List of routes and possible vacancies has been provided to DTC for deploying their buses for the last mile connectivity


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