The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Ltd. (DMRC) achieved another milestone with the flagging off of the First Test Run on the Noida – Greater Noida Corridor by Dr. Mangu Singh, Managing Director, Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) Ltd. and Mr. Alok Tandon, Managing Director, Noida Metro Rail Corporation (NMRC) Ltd. in the presence of senior officials of DMRC and NMRC today. Full fledged oscillation trials will commence later after completion of full internal testing of the train.

The train with 4 coaches had arrived at Mundhra Port, Gujarat on 23rd November 2017 and reached the Depot in Greater Noida on 14th December 2017. Basic movement trials and validations were done over the last fortnight against stringent timelines to ensure that the train is ready to go onto the viaduct in the New Year.

With the arrival of this train, DMRC has moved one step closer to the commissioning of the Noida – Greater Noida corridor. Greater Noida has today become a residential and commercial hub. A number of residential colonies and apartments have come up in the area and all major schools and hospitals have opened their branches in Greater Noida. Being directly connected to Noida through the expressway, Greater Noida has become the popular destinations of all major Corporates who have their offices there. The Noida – Greater Noida Metro Corridor will provide greater connectivity and transport solutions to this area.

The Rolling Stock of this corridor is being procured from CRRC Limited, a State owned Chinese Rolling Stock Manufacturer. DMRC had signed the MoU on behalf of Noida Metro Rail Corporation (NMRC) Ltd. with CRRC Corporation Limited in March 2016. The Standard Gauge trains are being manufactured in the Nanjing Plant.

Each train will comprise of 4 coaches. The corridor will have a total of 19 train sets (i.e. 76 coaches). The trains are expected to arrive every fortnight. Some of the basic features of the new trains are:

  • Each train comprises of 4 coaches with a  total seating capacity of 186 passengers.
  • Total passenger capacity of the train (Seating + Standing) is approx. 1000 passengers under loaded conditions.
  • Each train has 2 Driving Trailer Cars and 2 Motor Cars and the total number of seats in both are 43 and 50 respectively.
  • Adequate amount of seat reservation through different colored seats has been done in the coaches for ladies, Senior citizens  and differently abled persons.
  • The train has been designed with a  Aqua Blue color theme.
  • The trains are designed to run at a maximum speed of 80 kmph clocking  an average  speed of 37.5 kmph which is a shade better than the contemporary networks around.
  • All trains are well lit with energy efficient  LED lights both in the interiors and exteriors.
  • Each coach has ports for mobile and USB charging, 6 backlit LCDs(Liquid Crystal Displays)  and 4 Dynamic Route Maps.
  • The train is designed with end evacuation doors for emergencies. .

Special Features for Passengers in the Train
  • Each coach is equipped with four 37” LED backlit LCD displays called Dynamic Route Maps (DRMs). These DRMs have been installed to provide the necessary information, especially for passengers with hearing impairment. These DRMs are strategically located for easy visibility. DRMs will display dynamic message regarding the operating route, current and next stations, information regarding interchange stations, direction of door opening and flashing of important / emergency messages.
  • Each coach is equipped with 6 LED backlit LCD/TFT displays (about 450 mm, 18.5 inches). This display will be used to display special messages/advertisements etc (Including videos). It may also be used to display information regarding the ongoing train route.
  • Dedicated space has been provided for wheel chair based commuters in Driving Trailer cars at both the ends of the trains.
  • For visually impaired passengers, Digital Voice announcements regarding train and route information and announcement of station will be made in both Hindi and  English. Chime sound indicating opening and closing of doors is also in built.
  • The Operational Control Centre (OCC) can communicate directly with the passengers in case of important/ emergency announcements through speakers installed in each coach. Similarly the Train Operator can also communicate directly with the passengers through mikes.
  • The passenger seats are in two separate shades of blue well alingned with the Client’s theme . The dark blue seats indicate the reserved seats (ladies, Senior Citizens and Divyang) and the Light Blue seats for General passengers.
  • Provision of Lumber support/ backrest near wheel chair area has also been provided.

Aesthetic exterior/ Interior design with:
  • Aero Dynamic front profile with wide Wind screen glass with front evacuation arrangement.
  • Aesthetically designed energy efficient LED head lights and marker lights.
  • Ceramic Coated Aluminium Interior Panel with superior finish, Improve floor covering & Wheel chair marking on floor, Colourful Passenger Seats.

The Civil Work of this 29.7Kms long Standard Gauge Corridor having 21 stations was completed in November 2017 with the erection of the last girder. Track laying and system works are in progress.

During the test run, the train will undergo rigorous signaling testing. During testing and the trial runs, the interface of the Metro train will be checked to ensure that there is no physical infringement with civil infrastructure during the movement of the train on the track and also testing of various subsystems of coaches shall be done.

Date: 02.01.2018

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