Top up of Delhi Metro Smart Cards Now possible through mobile based e-wallet app paytm

The top up (recharge) facility of Delhi Metro’s smart cards will now be possible through the popular mobile based e-wallet application, Paytm.

As per this new arrangement, Delhi Metro’s commuters will be able to top up their smart cards through the Paytm e-wallet. For recharging the cards, they would simply have to log into their Paytm e-wallets and an option for the top up of the Delhi Metro smart cards will appear on the mobile screens.

The facility was inaugurated today by DMRC’s Managing Director, Dr. Mangu Singh in the presence of Paytm’s CEO, Sh. Vijay Shekhar Sharma and other senior officials from DMRC and Paytm.

This new facility will be of great convenience to the commuters since; this will allow them to recharge their smart cards through their mobile phones. The transactions will be completely safe and the card or net banking details will be saved only once by the App. Recharge through this facility will be fast and convenient.

In addition, commuters will also have the option of getting their cards recharged through Paytm by visiting www.dmrcsmartcard.com. They can simply visit the website and an option for recharge through Paytm will appear on the screen. However, after recharge through Paytm, commuters will have to validate the recharge by tapping their cards at the Automatic Vending Machines (AVMs), which are available now at all the Metro stations of the Delhi Metro network.

Top up of the Delhi Metro smart cards through credit cards/ debit cards and net banking is already available for the commuters. Last year, DMRC also launched the top up facility of smart cards through ICICI Bank’s Business Correspondent Networks (Outlets) located across Delhi-NCR.

There are 1.6 crore smart cards in circulation and about ten thousand new smart cards are sold everyday across the Delhi Metro network. Minimum top up of ? 100 will be available and recharge up to ? 1000 will be possible (only multiples of ? 50).

Paytm is India’s largest mobile e-commerce website, which offers day-to-day recharge solutions for a range of products and offers.


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