The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) is going to take a host of additional initiatives to further improve the services on all its corridors. The Managing Director, Dr. Mangu Singh has reviewed the operational issues of the entire Metro network closely and has directed the following measures, especially in light of some recent failures.

·         Automatic Train Control (ATC): On certain occasions, the ATC onboard power cards have failed leading to disruptions. The module failing the card has been identified and spare modules are being procured. The module will be replaced on all cards as a preventive measure.

On certain other sections, disruptions have also been noticed due to the failure of onboard hardware (Train Interface Computer (TIC) Cards). The TIC Cards which have high intermittent failures will be replaced within the next six months.

* Automatic train control (ATC) is a train protection system used in railways that involves a speed control mechanism in response to external inputs.

·         Track Circuit: To arrest the frequent cases of theft of copper made S Bond cables, steel made S Bond cables have been installed at all theft prone areas of the network.

High reliability Relay Boards are being provided in the Track Circuit system for greater efficiency. The Relay Boards at NOIDA City Centre, Vaishali and Dwarka Sector 21 have already been replaced while the same is going to be done at Dwarka and Yamuna Bank.

Axle Counters, which can detect the entry and exit of trains from a certain location and can certify whether the section is clear for a second train or not, are likely to be installed at all originating points on Blue Line, i.e, Dwarka, Dwarka Sector 21, Yamuna Bank, NOIDA City Centre and Vaishali. This will be helpful in minimizing disturbances. 


·         Automatic Train Supervision (ATS): Some disruptions have taken place due to the failure of the Central ATS for the Blue Line, due to which train ids have been lost and delays have occurred. To handle this issue, arrangement of a backup Central ATS on standby mode is being planned.  

* Automatic Train Supervision (ATS) is a system that provides the appropriate controls to direct the operation of trains in order to maintain intended traffic patterns and minimize the effect of train delays.

·         Measures already taken to improve services

A number of improvements have already been done in Rolling Stock and Traction (Over Head Electrification) which have contributed in minimising disruptions. In Rolling Stock, hardware and software related modifications have been completed in 175 trains and maintenance audits have been done in 56 trains. An action plan is being prepared based on the experiences of the past to prevent their repetition.

In Traction (OHE) also, insulators have been replaced across the network to prevent disruptions. Hands on training has been provided to staff at the Northern Railway Electric Training Centre in Kanpur. An OHE Maintenance Training Simulator has also been developed for providing enhanced training to the Traction staff.

The Delhi Metro continuously analyses all the operational aspects of its network and brings in the necessary modifications to further improve and provide uninterrupted passenger services. The Delhi Metro system by design is ‘fail-safe’ in nature. Therefore, whenever a failure takes place, the system slows down or stops only to ensure the safety of the passengers on board thereby resulting in delay of services.  


            Anuj Dayal

            Executive Director

           Corporate Communications

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