An independent study on the ‘institutional ethics’ of the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC), compiled by the IC Centre for Governance (ICCfG), a non profit organisation, was unveiled today at Metro Bhawan by Sh. Prabhat Kumar, Former Governor of Jharkhand and also former Cabinet Secretary (GOI) and Dr. Mangu Singh, Managing Director, DMRC in the presence of other senior officials.

The ICCfG is a non profit organisation with a vision to create a work culture in India that encourages inculcation of ethics and values in governance structures, systems and institutions. The DMRC was chosen for this project since it has consistently shown a good performance and commands the respect of the people.

The study found that one of the primary reasons for the success of DMRC has been its implementation of a Code of Ethics and Values. The study also said that DMRC had shown excellent performance in areas such as exemplary leadership, punctuality, fair and transparent processes in procurement, prevention of corruption, employee welfare, adherence to safety norms etc.

The study involved a rigorous and time consuming process during which the ICCfG team had extensive interactions with the DMRC management and officers. They visited DMRC’s construction sites, control rooms, Metro stations and the training institute. They also took into account the actual travelling experience of the people and interacted with the public. An elaborate set of 14 questionnaires covering all aspects of institutional ethics was also distributed among the employees for the purpose of the study.

The case study has firmly established that there is a direct correlation between an institution’s performance and the extent to which it implements a proper code of ethics.  Based on the learnings of the report, the ICCfG now intends to prepare an Awareness and Training Module on institutional ethics for other Indian institutions.

The Delhi Metro employs close to 12,000 people and has implemented a code of values and ethics for its employees.

Anuj Dayal
Corporate Communications/DMRC
Date: 22.06.2018

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