A section of the Media has reported today that Delhi Metro’s ridership has fallen by 3 Lakh after 2nd fare revision implemented by DMRC in the month of October.

In this context, it is informed that the drop in the ridership in the month of October 2017 is not solely attributable  to increase in fares as there are otherwise monthly variations noted throughout the year. In the month of October there were 5 Sundays in comparison to September with 4 where ridership is around 60-70% of the working day ridership.This monthly variation in ridership is dependent on the multiple factors like seasons, vacations, holidays, festivals etc.

Month of October 2017 started with a long weekend/extended holidays due to Dussehra falling on 30th September followed by Gandhi Jayanti on 2nd October, a national holiday. The month also witnessed extended weekends/holidays due to festivals of Diwali, Chhath Pooja, Bhai Duj, Goverdhan etc.

The ridership after the fare revision for many days was actually higher than the ridership before the fare revision.

It is pertinent to mention that in the year 2016 also, the ridership dip by 1.3 Lakh from September to October in spite of no change in the fare structure.Ridership in the month of November 2017 has shown rising trend.

In any case, the fare revision has been done on the recommendations of the 4th Fare Fixation Committee, which is a salutatory body under the Delhi Metro (O&M) Act 2002.

Date: 24.11.2017

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