The Managing Director of DMRC, Dr Mangu Singh today approved orders for suspension of four officials connected with yesterdays’ incident involving a train in the Kalindi Kunj maintenance depot which rolled back and hit a wall.

The four officials included one Deputy General Manager who was the Depot Incharge, one Assistant Manager under him responsible for this depot activity and a Junior Engineer and Assistant Section Engineer who were involved in operating this train. The suspension is based on the enquiry done by a team of three Executive Director rank officials.

The incident report of the enquiry revealed that this incident was solely attributable to human failure as proper procedures were not followed. The train’s brakes, which were isolated (necessary for push/pull operations in the depot area when a train is required to move with a battery operated vehicle) were not normalized before moving the train on its own power and bringing it for washing at the ramp. As a result, as soon as the operator brought the train at the ramp, it started rolling back, got derailed and hit the wall.

Yesterday’s incident was a localized incident within the maintenance shed of the depot. This part of the depot is for maintenance of trains and without power for trains. Trains are pulled by a shunter engine and therefore this area is not controlled by signaling system. Accordingly, the train was doing local shunting in this part with a person on board and was not ‘driverless’. Such an operation would would not affect the main line operations in any way whatsoever where public would be carried eventually.

The incident was a cause of human error and concerned officers and staff have already been suspended.

Anuj Dayal
Executive Director (Corporate Communications)
Delhi Metro Rail Corporation
Date: 20.12.2017

1.      As has always been explained, the Metro trains on Magenta Line whose section between Botanical Garden and Kalkaji Mandir will be opened soon will initially operate with a driver with a high level of automation including platform screen doors. This high level of automation is there to avoid such human errors.

2.      The main line will use Communication Based Train Control (CBTC) which will ensure full safety and faster frequency of operations

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