Organic Waste Converter

DMRC generates considerable quantity of Canteen Waste from Metro Bhawan and Depots where canteen facility is provided for its staff. This canteen waste is rich in organic constituents and has a potential to be used as compost/fertilizer for horticulture. This is made possible by processing the waste through an organic waste converter which transforms kitchen and garden waste into compost. This waste was earlier being sent to Municipal Corporation of Delhi as Municipal Solid waste which further found its way to the landfill. Such waste can be used gainfully by putting it to more productive use.

DMRC has been purchasing compost to develop and maintain horticulture activities at depots and colonies. If the canteen waste is converted to compost, then, not only the quantity of DMRC’s waste generation will get reduced but also cost of purchasing the compost will also reduce commensurately. This will be in-line with the objectives of DMRC’s Waste Management Policy.

In view of above, an Organic Waste Converter (OWC) was commissioned at Metro Bhawan. At Metro Bhawan, the generation of organic waste is approximately 50-60 kg/day. This is getting treated in OWC in batches of 10 kg each. Conversion time from waste to compost in a batch of 10 kg is 15 minutes. Thereafter, this batch of raw compost is placed for curing for next 10 days. After 10 days of curing, matured compost is available which is now being used in horticulture activities of DMRC. Garden waste, if any, can also be composted after passing it through a shredder.