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News Analysis

CLARIFICATION Dated 16.06.2017:

This is in reference to the news item ‘Another Short Circuit on Blue Line, Commuters say major crisis averted’, that appeared in a prominent newspaper on 16th June, 2017, the following details are shared for public information please:

There was absolutely no short circuit in any Metro train as claimed by the news report.

In fact, it was some mist generated from one of the AC ducts which was initially inferred as minor smoke as some passengers got out of the coach. The same was immediately checked by Metro officials and the train was permitted to continue its journey towards Vaishali with passengers.

No evacuation of passengers was carried out since the train was in good running condition.

The train in question arrived at the Lakshmi Nagar station at 6.28 pm and left in five minutes time with passengers after the necessary checks, which clearly conveys that there was no serious technical problem in the train.

The frequency on this section during this time was also around five minutes as a result of which there was no impact on overall Metro services on the section either.

A Metro train is divided into 13 systems such as vehicle, carbody, bogie, traction power, High Voltage Air Conditioning etc. These systems are further divided into about 71 subsystems and then thousands of components. Each of these are regularly checked and timely servicing is carried out. Trained professionals are available to deal with each minute detail of the trains.

In addition, the Train Operators of Delhi Metro are also trained about the various sub systems in the trains so that they can take remedial measures during failures or escalate the matter to concerned officials as per requirement. Therefore, a detailed mechanism to ensure safe travel of the passengers has been in place.

Update on porn clip incident:

From preliminary investigation,it is established that the incident is of 9th April at around 5pm. The LED TV (Smart TV having multiple features) system was under commissioning and wifi port was accessible. Prima facie,as per CCTV footage, 3 men have run porn clip through their mobile on this TV at Rajiv Chowk station. Attempts are being made to identify these men. CCTV Footage is under examination to identify the culprits.

This sort of interference with the system will not be possible in the future once software is programmed and centrally controlled

In the interim, during the commissioning process itself the contractor will be advised to ensure password protection.

DMRC Statement On Porn Video Clip Going Viral On Social Media

The DMRC is not aware about this clip. However,this LED screen was under commissioning and testing by private contractor and same is still under commissioning. The work is still not completed. We will check all the details of the testing and commissioning process of the contractor to check weather any such clip was played on the LED screen at Rajiv Chowk station and take adequate safeguards/ Action.

Anuj Dayal,