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Facilities For Differently-Abled Passengers in Rapid Metro

Rapid Metro is Gurgaon's first public transport system with adequate features for differently-abled persons.

• Tactile paths for the visually impaired.

• Provision of wheelchairs at stations and reserved space for wheelchairs in trains.

• Ramps are provided where there is a change in the level.

• Provision of handrails alongside stairs.

• Lifts have been provided with wide access doors, handrails, call buttons in Braille and at a low height, audio-visual indication and telephone button to communicate with CCC in an emergency.

• Signage at prominent locations are provided for disabled and mobility restricted passengers.

• Seats in trains have been reserved for differently-abled/senior citizens

Train door closing audio/visual indication. Next station and arrival with correct side platform announcements

In addition, station staff constantly monitors passenger movement and provides personal help to any differently-abled person who needs assistance.