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  • 1. At batching plants of DMRC contracts conveyer belts and feeding hopper are kept covered to prevent the dispersal of dust particles into the atmosphere.

    2. Water sprinklers are used at the batching plants as a means to help control dispersal of dust particles.

    3. Due to the usage of sprinklers at the construction sites, no dust is emitted into the atmosphere.

    4. Stacked aggregates at stockyards are kept covered with tarpaulin sheets and water sprinklers are provided on top to prevent the escape of dust to nearby areas.

    5. Batching plant is paved in concrete to prevent any build-up of dust. Additionally, water sprinklers are also used on all circulating areas.

    6. A dust arrester is used at the exhaust from the cement go-down to prevent cement dust particles from dispersing into the atmosphere.

    7. To prevent deposition of soil on roads, the wheels of all vehicles leaving the batching plants are washed.

    8. Designated space for scrap storage is available and the scrap is properly covered to prevent dust generation.

    9. Operation of DG (Diesel Generator) set has been closed down as part of the action plan to prevent air pollution

    10. Environmental awareness banners have been put up at all construction sites to spread the message on the Do’s and Don’ts related to the environment.

    11. To make sure that the water sprinklers are used adequately to prevent dust emission, a display board is put up for water sprinkling monitoring.

    12. To check the air pollution in the batching plant area regular air monitoring is carried out.

    13. Every batching plant has a display board to display the air quality level.

    14. The paved roads around construction sites are frequently cleaned and washed to remove any form of soil and muck deposited on the roads.

    15. The cleaning of the sites is monitored by the use of display boards.

    16. Vehicle leaving the site is cleaned thoroughly to prevent pollution during transportation.

    17. For uniform and effective sprinkling water jet spraying method is used.

    18. Various dust control methods have been adopted for mixing mortar. The mortar is mixed on working platforms of plywood where the sand and aggregate are always kept moist to prevent spreading of material

    19. The cement is always kept covered at work site.

    20. The grinding machines are equipped with a special vacuum system to suck in the dust that is produced while grinding surfaces. Drilling machines are also equipped with this system. This helps to prevent dispersal of dust in nearby areas.

    21. Utmost measures have been adopted to prevent dust at our construction sites.

    22. To arrest the emission of dust while cutting stone, water is poured over the cutting blade to prevent dust emission.

    23. While excavating an area, a dedicated movable mist spary machine and sprinklers are put into use to prevent dust emission.

    24. All trucks carrying construction materials and debris are covered and secured and jute packing is used at the perimeter of the back cover to stop any soil and debris from dropping on the road.