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DMRC : Facilities for Divyangjan Passengers

Delhi Metro is perhaps India's first public transport system with adequate features for Divyangjan persons. These include:

Signage at prominent locations are provided for disabled and mobility restricted passengers.

Seats in trains have been reserved for Divyangjan/senior citizens

Train door closing audio/visual indication. Next station and arrival with correct side platform announcements
In addition, station staff constantly monitors passenger movement and provides personal help to any Divyangjan person who needs assistance.

DMRC received National Award for Outstanding Work in Creation of Barrier Free Environment for the Persons with Disabilities in the Year 2008.
  • DMRC receives around 80-85 requests/month through helpline(Helpline No.-155370) for assistance of persons with disabilities.
  • DMRC is committed to provide hassle free services to Persons with disabilities and we are associating with ‘Samarthyam’ an NGO, to improve further the accessibility of our stations & trains to Persons with disabilities.

List of hassle free access at Metro Stations