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Guidelines for corona

We are doing to contain spread of Coronavirus [SARS COV-2] in Delhi Metro Premises.
  • Stripe markers have been provided at all queuing area like frisking, ticketing, AFC gates, lift, escalators, etc.
  • Public contact areas like lift buttons, escalators handrails, etc. are cleaned frequently during the day.
  • Absolute hygiene is maintained in the public toilets.
  • Indian Society of heating, refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ISHRAE) has issued guidelines for operation & maintenance of central air conditioning plants. It is being followed at stations and in trains.
  • Action being taken to provide maximum fresh air inside the trains and in underground stations to reduce transmission of virus.
  • Temperature inside the trains is maintained at 24°-28°C.
  • Shops and kiosks at stations are operating as per government guidelines i.e. maintaining social distancing.
  • For crowd management, monitoring is also done through CCTV cameras installed at stations/trains.
  • Train doors are kept open at terminal stations to let fresh air infuse in the train.
  • Trains are sanitised at terminal stations. Stations and trains are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected during night hours.