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Trouble Shooting and Maintenance Simulators

DMRC has state of the art training facilities for training of maintenance staff in the trouble shooting and maintenance of Metro Trains.  DMRC has setup eight independent simulators for the maintenance training for different sub-systems of train such as the Brakes, Air Supply, Door System, Auxiliary System, Traction System, Train Air-Conditioning and Train Control Management System (TCMS).

The Trouble Shooting and Maintenance Simulators simulate all the faults that appear in the metro train and are being used to train Operation and Rolling Stock maintenance staff in quick and effective diagnosis of faults. These simulators also used to train the staff for replacement of critical components in a 3D virtual environment.

All electrical circuits of the metro trains are completely simulated allowing the trainee to do a “What if” analysis on any part of the vehicle sub-system

E-learning provides a self-paced training of all subsystems for basic and advance understanding of concepts. This E-leaning facilitates maintenance staff to know the system before troubleshooting and maintenance.

Wall charts and other training aids will supplement the simulator in transferring knowledge and skills to the staff. The Hi-tech and state of the art simulators help in improved training effectiveness. This is arguably the first time in India that such state of the art technology is being used for the purpose of maintenance training.

S.N Train Subsystem Brief Description   
1 Passenger Door Normal door operation, Fault diagnosis, Remedial measures in 3D, Door Circuit simulation
2 Auxiliary Converter System Working and supply of whole auxiliary system, starting sequence of start up and priority loads, supervision and protection of load, voltage, frequency, current, temperature of ACM in normal and abnormal condition, 3D remedial measures
3 Traction Control Flow of supply from Overhead line to pantograph, LCB, Transformer, Contractor Box, TCO and Motor, Speed control by Variable Voltage and Variable Frequency, Supervision and protection against high voltage, high current and high temperature, Fault diagnosis, 3D remedial Measures.
4 Air Supply System Operation and principle of Air Supply system, suspension system, Fault diagnosis and 3D remedial measures.
5 Brake System Apply & release of Brakes in different modes, control and supervision of the brake system along with braking effort blending between electro dynamic brake and friction brake, fault diagnosis and 3D remedial measures.
6 Heating, Ventilation and Air conditioning system 21 operational modes of HVAC, effect of environmental parameters such as radiation, humidity, heat load etc, behavior of different components of RMPU (Refrigeration Management Plant Unit), Fault diagnosis and 3D remedial Measures.
7 Train Control and Management System All working controls of actual cab, electrical cabinets of one DT and one M cars, all train lines, circuit simulation, fault diagnosis and 3D remedial measures.