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Model OHE
1. Model OHE, Flexible and ROCS, is provided at eye level in Training institute for better understanding of trainees, in particular Train Operators, about main OHE parts, as they are the first on main line to convey any OHE failure message to OCC.
2. Model OHE includes Cantilever Assembly - Stay and Bracket tube along with Insulators, Register Arm, Steady Arm, Section Insulator, Auto Tensioning Device and Masts, Contact wire, Messenger wire, Return conductor, Overhead Protection Cable etc.
3. ROCS Assembly includes Bracket, Drop Arm, Aluminium Rail, Contact Wire, etc.
4. Model OHE is also utilised to train, how and where to put discharge rod safely.
Traction Demonstration Room :
1. Traction Demonstration Room at Training Institute consist small part details of Over Head Equipemts.New trainees may have physical view of small parts, their utilisation ,material details and their importance on Main line and Depot OHE.
2. The touch screen computers having write-ups of all these equipments to have better understanding to trainees.
3. In addition there are various, HT cable cut-outs for understanding of High Voltage cables utilised in DMRC.
4. Traction Demonstration Room is equipped with CBT based knowledge of OHE equipments, their specifications, size material used & warning board's photographs.