Certain jobs which are repetitive in nature like Train Driving & Maintenance etc. need higher skills which can be acquired only through practice with the system – actual or virtual. Simulation technologies are the most effective tool of training in the fields when it is prohibitively expensive or simply too dangerous to allow trainees to use real equipment in the real world. In such situations, through use of simulators, people can be trained in a ‘safe’ virtual environment with ‘real-life experience. This provides the scope of committing mistakes during training, which otherwise could have caused harm, especially for a safety-critical system. DMRC has provided simulators for most of its operative systems so as the staff can be trained on job in a virtual world without involving the actual system.

1. Class Rooms
2. Simulator
    a. Driving Simulator
    b. Trouble Shooting and Maintenance Simulators
3. Computer Based Training
4. Computer Lab
5. Model Rooms/Labs
   a. OHE Model Room/Yard
   b. ATS Lab
   c. AFC Lab
   d. Telecom Lab
   e. Escalator Model Room
   f. Elevator
   g. Circuit Breaker Model Room
6. TMS
7. Library
8. Others
   a. Hostel
   b. Canteen
   c. Gymnasium
   d. Auditorium