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Types of Training Sessions for DMRC Staff

  • Induction Training:
  • New candidates who are selected through a recruitment process are given initial training. This training familiarizes them with the organizational mission, vision, knowledge of rules and regulations, job acumen so as to prepare them for their job profiles. The trainees are given theoretical training followed by On Job Training/ Attachment for a specific duration.
    The programmes include:

    A. Station Controller/Train Operator

    The station controller is responsible for station management, timely opening of all stations and efficient working of all station equipment including AFC system, lifts and escalators, revenue collection, crowd management and operations of train control system from Station Control Room. The train Operator is responsible for driving the train in accordance with the Train Control system, trouble shooting in the train when required, manual operations (degraded mode) of the train in case of any failure. On joining the organization, Station Controllers/Train Operators, being from the same cadre, are given common training including training in orientation, first aid, fire fighting, security, station management, rolling stock, signaling, telecom, automatic fare collection system, driving skills, route learning/ test track /simulator driving, general rules and procedures, communication skills and spoken english, customer orientation & soft skills, failure management, disaster preparedness etc.

    B. Customer Relations Assistant

    Customer Relations Assistants perform duty at Customer Care Centre. They are responsible for dealing with commuters including ticketing, disseminating passenger information, customer service, arranging assistance for passengers with disabilities, attending customer grievances, assisting station controller in handling abnormal situations such as crowd management, station evacuation etc. On joining the organization, Customer Relations Assistants are given training in orientation, first aid, fire fighting, security, station management, telecom, automatic fare collection system, general rules and procedures, communication skills and spoken english, customer orientation & soft skills, disaster preparedness etc.

    C. Junior Engineer:Electrical/Electronics/Mechanical/Civil
    D. Maintainer:Electrical/Electronics/Mechanical/Civil

    JE/Maintainers are responsible for providing preventive and corrective maintenance for various systems and passenger amenities with the aim to ensure operation of train services as per schedule and passenger comfort. These staff are also trained in failure management for minimizing down time during train service disruptions. On joining the organization, Junior Engineers/Maintainers are given orientation training for a duration of four weeks followed by professional training in respective wings i.e. Rolling Stock, Signaling, Telecom & Automatic Fare Collection System, Traction, E&M, Civil, Track etc.

    E. Traffic Controllers

    Traffic Controllers perform duty in Operations Control Centre (OCC). They are responsible for safe operation of revenue trains in accordance with the timetable, display and announcement of train information and emergency announcements to passengers, traffic regulation, failure management, engineer’s possession management etc. On joining OCC, traffic controllers are given three weeks customized training in OCC duties in addition to the fact that they are already trained in the duties of Station Controllers/Train Operators.

  • Refresher Training
  • The existing employees are trained to refresh and enhance their knowledge at prescribed intervals which keeps them abreast with latest updates in the technology, systems or processes. Duration of refresher training varies as per job profile.

  • Reshuffling Training
  • The organization emphasizes multi skilling concept which requires staff reshuffling from one job to the other after a definite period of time. Station Managers/Line supervisors/Chief Controller/Station Controllers/Train Operators etc undergo training on reshuffling from one job profile to other.

  • Training on Promotion:
  • This training is imparted to the promoted employees in order to prepare them to assume responsibilities of the higher level job.

  • Special training:
  • Customized Training on special subjects/topics such as Management Development Programme, Executive Development Programme, Disaster Preparedness, First Aid, Customer care, Soft skills, Sign Language Training, Spoken English etc are imparted to the trainees.