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Computer Based Training :
Computer-Based Training (CBT) is an interactive method of e-learning that provides a series of self-paced, hands-on courses. DMRC Training institute facilitates the trainees with two CBT Labs, well equipped to accommodate 42 trainees.

DMRC Computer-Based Training (CBT) includes:

  • Knowledge based modules (supported with animation, video, sound and photo)
  • Free Exploration (Virtual Train Navigation in 3-D environment to understand the location and functions of different equipments in train)
  • Procedure based modules (Supported for decision making in right direction)
  • Situation Based Exercises (To perform actual actions in full simulated environment)
  • 3-D remedial actions (To understand the assembly and disassembly of equipments)

    DMRC Training Institute have total 60 hours CBT package on different Rolling Stocks (ROTEM and Bombardier), Signaling Systems (ALSTOM, Siemens & Bombardier), Station Management, Operation Procedures, Safety & Disaster Management. In addition to this DMRC Training Institute also have specialized 30 hours CBT package for Rolling Stock maintenance staff.
    CBT is also used to evaluate the performance of trainees through learning management system.