DMRC has developed an eco park named “Prakriti Metro Park”. This park was initially a barren land without any vegetation used for dumping C&D waste of Phase-I and II of DMRC. DMRC took a call beyond its normal and regular activities not only to convert this brown land to green, but also to develop a concept how facilities like, auditorium, amphitheatre, yoga centre, children’s park can be built utilizing the natural contours of the land.

The underlying concept was to convert waste generated during construction and maintenance works into an asset, an art. All design elements were planned keeping the natural contours of site in mind and the functional efficiency.

Eco Park covers approximately 10.8 acres of site which has been designed to cater various kinds of activities. This park has achieved the highest rating - ‘Platinum’, under IGBC Green Landscape Rating System. This project is also the "First IGBC PLATINUM Landscape project in entire North India”.

The park is themed on environment and is intended to evoke a natural setting. The form of landscape elements is inspired from nature such as falling leaf (lake edge), flower (yoga area), branching pattern (pathways); lawns, mounds and meadows to create a landscape.

Highlights of the park are as under:
• All the C&D Waste excavated from the land has been reused in internal development and making art-works.
• Excavated earth has been reused in making earth mounds (cut and fill technique was adopted)
• Earth generated during tunneling at ITO, LalQuila and Jama Masjid has been used as top soil.
• Rejected items from metro stations and offices are reused. For example- rejected tiles from metro stations have been reused by providing crazy tiling in lake and rejected concrete blocks have been used in making pathways
• All the sculptures provided in the park are made of rejected (zero value) waste items of DMRC operations.

• Total energy demand of park will be met by the energy generated from solar power plant installed in the premises itself.
• Only treated water from STPs installed at Shastri Park Depot and Colony is being used to nourish the park.
• A lake has been carved out from the natural contours of the site, also acting as a catchment area.
• The Park is installed with Rainwater Harvesting Pit.
• Overflow from the lake is channelized to the rain water harvesting pit for ground aquifer recharge.
• The Park is equipped with efficient irrigation systems like central shut-off valve, irrigation pipe grid with water hydrants and sprinklers.