Construction & Demolition Waste Management

Construction & Demolition (C&D) Waste that is generated during new construction, remodelling, renovation, repair and alteration of residential, commercial, government buildings, commercial facilities and demolition of buildings, roads, and tunnels

Management of C&D waste, generated during construction of metro rail, is one of the most challenging issues being faced by Delhi Metro. The management of C&D waste is of major concern due to the shortage of dumping sites and increase in transportation/disposal/recycling costs. C&D waste, if not managed properly, will lead to choking of surface drains, disrupts traffic and is an eyesore on the urban landscape.

Recycling of C&D will have a positive impact on natural resources and environment. Partial replacement of building materials by use of C&D waste would lead to reduction of sand mining from river beds or cutting of rocks. Appropriate management of C&D waste would thus be greatly beneficial for our country as a whole.

DMRC being a responsible organization mandates the storage and recycle of C&D waste in an environmental friendly manner. Hence, DMRC has been sending all the C&D waste generated at site to a recycling facility operated by IL&FS Environmental Infrastructure & Services Ltd established at Burari, Delhi. till March 2017, DMRC has recycled approximately 2, 25,000 MT of C&D waste.

DMRC is setting-up an in-house C&D waste recycling plant of capacity 150 TPD to process the waste anticipated to be generated during construction of Phase-IV metro lines.